Fridge damaged during delivery

So I bought a new (and quite expensive) fridge from Appliances Online. When it was delivered, the delivery people unpacked the fridge on the street and then as they brought the fridge into the house, they damaged one of the handles, putting a large dent/scratch in it.

I asked the delivery people to record the damage and report it to Appliances Online.

I then immediately sent a request via the Appliances Online email form, describing the issue and asking what they would do about it. No response (not even an automated one). I’ve never had a response to this contact.

The next day, I rang Appliances Online and was on hold for almost half an hour before being able to speak to someone. She was reasonably helpful, said that normally they’d replace the whole fridge(!) but that it was on backorder until September, so they’d just get Fisher and Paykel to come out and replace the handle and that I needed to send through the serial number.

This I did, to the email address they sent me. I was then contacted a few days later by Fisher and Paykel, who asked me to describe how the damage happened. They then confirmed that they could fix the handle, but that they needed Appliances Online to authorise payment because it was caused by their delivery people.

That was more than two weeks ago. I sent an email to Appliances Online following up and received a response on the 19th of July, and they just said they’d follow up with Fisher and Paykel.

Since then, nothing. I’ve since sent two more emails to the contact at Appliances Online with no response. I don’t have a contact at Fisher and Paykel.

What should I do next? What are my rights here? I’m pretty annoyed that my very expensive fridge was damaged before I even got to use it, and Appliances Online are seemingly not doing anything about it.


It reads like there is no dispute about the problem or solution, just the process, time, and lack of communication.

As I routinely post when an issue is disputed, verbal communication is ‘idle chit chat’ and written communication can be similar unless done formally.

Suggest you write a formal ‘letter of complaint’ to AoL or minimally have a look at

to make the process more crisp. One issue at play is although you have a scratched handle it is a fairly minor problem in the scheme of the fridge so they are possibly not prioritising it for that reason.

As time passes it is getting closer to September, so you might take the position that it needs to be remedied ‘now’ or replaced in September. It is also possible F&P may not have the handle in stock, but if that is the case you should have been advised accordingly.

Plz let us know how you go.


Thanks. Of course(!), not half an hour after I posted this, I was contacted by Fisher and Paykel, who seem to have resolved the issue with Appliances Online and someone is coming out to replace the whole fridge door next week.

I’m still not really happy with the way Appliances Online dealt with this but I’m satisfied that it looks like it’s going to be resolved.


That’s great……I was going to say inform them you don’t want the damaged fridge as it is not what you ordered… and then cancel the credit card payment… that usually works.
I wish there were a consumer org that we could get damages through, like the AFCA. We really should be able to claim damages for the waste of time.
Anyway it’s a reminder not to use appliances on-line. That’s for sure.


Reading what you have said it appears Appliance Online may have been trying to get the repair done under warranty…which may have slipped through until F&P realised it wasn’t a warranty claim as the damage was caused by Appliance Online delivery personsel…which in case Appliance Online would be liable/responsible.

F&P has possibly stepped in to protect its own reputation…but not a good look for Appliance Online if the above is the case


Sounds like a mess. It’s best for businesses to deal with these problems quickly so they do not lose too many other customers. I can imagine many customers satying away from this business now. Thanks for letting everyone know.