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Frequently Asked Questions



Hi everyone,

Please feel free to ask questions about our new CHOICE Transformer service below. Once something is Frequently Asked, we’ll put it into this post at the top.


Hi @viveka,
Once you sign up to Transformer, do you continue to receive bills directly from the selected retailer or do they go via Choice?

In order to continue looking for the best deal for customers, does Choice need to receive copies of your bill to show recent usage, or are calculations based on the original electricity bill submitted?


Hi @ShinyBlack,

You will still receive your billing info directly, and a copy is sent to us. We monitor every quarterly bill to ensure you are on the best deal for your usage rather than continue to rely on the original.

Hope that helps, let us know if you have any follow up questions.


Is Transformer fully owned & operated by Choice?


Hi @Kanga2, Transformer is owned and operated by CHOICE in partnership with a renowned energy economist, Dr Bruce Mountain, who designed the system we use to analyse bills and match customers with the best deals on the market. Operations are managed from our headquarters in Sydney alongside our other activities.