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Free to air television



The regional and rural areas are those most needy of Free to Air. These are also the customers getting the worst NBN outcomes.


Foxtel still does satellite entertainment services. At one time you got free setup dunno if so now.


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It’s NOT free. You are paying for the amount of data you use to download things. Also there often is no subtitling (which means us deafish people can’t follow the program; this is also becoming a problem on the supplementary channels, even ABC and SBS’s sub channels.) I agree they are trying to force us to watch pay tv: good shows are not shown on fta, and the inability of commercial stations to stick to timetables means it is very difficult to tape entire programs, even if you allow extra time. It is not unusual for reality programs to run 20 minutes over, so if you tape something after them you miss the ending of the show you want to see. I am becoming convinced the commercial channels do this deliberately to make us give up watching rival programs. Is there no legal requirement for them to follow program listings exactly? They can do it – the programs preceding news broadcasts always finish on time! They could cut out some of the self-promoting station ads and previews to achieve accuracy.


The perfect business model for the media may be zero free?
The current FTA Tv stations are struggling. Their principle revenue stream is advertising. On line advertising is effective and taking the revenue stream. Google knows who you are, where you live, and lots more from all those cookies you eat!

There is a reasonable prospect your observation will come to pass, and all current Tv will move to online delivery. Paid? Well if you have the NBN you will pay. If you have the faux NBN you will still pay, but miss out?

I note that even SBS requires you to create an online ID to access their catch up and world movies. I wonder why?


Something that not many people know is in Australia FTA is the best in the world…Why? Because many Pay TV or cable shows can be shown on FTA.Other parts of the world FTA can not show any cable shows at all.In Australia we are very lucky thanks to the government.Personally i do feel sorry for Foxtel as they don’t have that exclusive programming they could have.Anyway so next time you think their is nothing on FTA to watch your really being treated very well


It’s worth hearing our FTA is not so bad after all.

Common commentary around here is that there is nothing worth watching most of the time on FTA. It must be really dire elsewhere?

It would be interesting to be able to compare with the help of frequent travellers different experiences from other countries.

When visiting our Brother-in-law in Italy some time past he had nearly 100 stations to choose from, including some from France. Some might not have received Papal approval for public viewing. Comedy, Political, religious or risqué. Language is not always a barrier to entertainment. I suspect much has now shifted to the internet for delivery?

FTA in Australia may be on it’s last legs, before it becomes FT-nbn. Which will be sort of still free?

Is the great unknown whether the same level of content diversity can be protected given FT-nbn will on the same platform as Foxtel etc?


I love our ABC and SBS, the other channels I am somewhat indifferent to, because advertising in primetime seems to have become more frequent, and for longer periods. I could be wrong, perhaps I have just become so t’d off at ads they all seem too long and loud. However… I think if I did not have access to streaming… I might feel differently.