Free Solar Wind Battery Power Audit worth $500

I think this add says it all.

Gmail and a mobile number. :rofl:
What more do you need? :thinking:
Yes, the form! We will email you to fill out! :rage:

Send me the $500 and I will do it without the form?

It might be a SCAM, but I have better things to do today.


It appears that they normally charge their customers $500 to do a quote for a solar and battery system. Might not be a scam in the pure sense, but possibly deceptive and misleading advertising.


Charging that much for a quote would qualify them for a “shonky”.


What the heck is a “plug and play solar wind battery generator” anyway?

In almost every case, PV panels will give you more energy for your investment than a small wind turbine, unless you live somewhere like an exposed ridge in SW Tasmania.


I love the idea that it is also portable, and the implied capacity to take you off the grid? Penn and Teller might be impressed, more than most?

Might I suggest that anyone who knows what ‘plug-n-play’ originally meant is not expected to bother to apply? Note the add uses ‘and’ so as to not confuse the prospective customer with the use of the letter ‘n’ which only the younger ones might use?

I have noticed you get any number of ‘plug-n-play’ things these days. Like a camper van kit? That’s a camper van, not a communications and cabling assembly for your van!

It must be on trend and great for marketing. Eg, is your bucket empty? Here, try some of our plug and play water. Normally $10 per litre, and today if you buy 5l …:roll_eyes:


One of these?


Hopefully NOT one of those. :frowning: VERY dangerous - & highly illegal - it outputs household AC via a plug (exposed pins !!!) to plug into your normal powerpoint ) --NO THANKS


“Dear Friend, …” heh heh … lost me right there …