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This recipe sounds great.

I am definitely going to try it.


A link to this topic as well?

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Macaroni Cheese.

When I was a kid, it came out of a box. The Kraft (now Bega!) powdered version, or if mum was feeling fancy, the “deluxe” version with the can of cheese-like sauce. She’s graduated to using the Kraft Cheddar blocks now :rofl:
My parents weren’t the greatest cooks. They’re both late baby boomers who grew up in very blue collar “Australian” families (as in been here so long they’ve forgotten they’re anything else, or in the case of one grandfather wilfully ignoring other ‘undesirable’ cultural identity). They did the best with the knowledge that they had. Boy did my life change when I married a man who has lived in 5 different countries (and happens to be a phenomenal cook!).

These days, Macaroni Cheese in our house is made in the “instant pot” (Philips All in One), and usually made by our six year old. Takes about 20 minutes. He’s inherited his father’s nous for cooking, and is constantly tweaking the seasonings and cheese blends. Much healthier than the boxed version! Kid likes his with tuna and corn, dad likes grilled chicken breast and baby spinach, I like pickled jalapeños or sautéed Brussel sprouts.


Its one if those things we who were made to do this dreadful subject called home science (HA!) were made to learn how to do from scratch. Along with creamed brains. Cant eat either

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