Foxtel IQ3 - Experience with Hardware

I’m a dedicated sport nut and about 8 months ago moved to the IQ3 system. I did it knowing that there were some issues with the IQ3 Box as when installing the IQ2 (we moved into a new house) The Foxtel Techie said that he would not recommend it because of its reliabilty.

Everything was great for a couple of months and then the Box would simply turn off and the only way I could get it going was to reboot it, ie hard reset, pulling out the power cord. After 3 weeks or so I got tired of this and phoned support. After an hour or so messing around on the phone the nice lady from the Philliipines agreed to give me a new box which duly arrived. Once again everyone was Ok for a month, the same issue started. Could not power up the unit and a replica of my first issue. BTW the IQ3 is set to turn off after a period of time (even if you are watching it) and you need to press any button to keep it active. Annoyed and frustrated I phoned support again as sometimes i could get the unit working for a couple of days.

This time the nice lady from the Phillipines suggested that a Technician should visit to ensure the set up is correct. One week later the technician arrives and after playing with it for thirty minutes or so agrees that the Box is malfunctioning and gives me a new one.

So this is now my third Box and hip hip hooray I have solved the turning off issue! I don’t turn the box off and have changed the settings so it stays on. I now have a new issue, the remote keeps unpairing itself and once again I need to do a hard reboot of the Box in a long drawn out attempt to get it paired. Unfortunatley if it is not paired the IQ3 box cannot operate.

Apologies for the long post. Im very interested to hear if anyone else has these issues or is it in fact my wife “hexing” it because of my sport addiction.

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Interesting.I know when the IQ3 first came out it had many issues.And in recent times have said they had ironed those things out and will now work how it supposed to.Seems like there are problems still going on.I have IQ2 with HD and have never had any serious problems to deal with.Good luck with it…Perhaps convert back to a IQ2?..Must admit i love my sport as well lol