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Four&Twenty Quality Decline

I am a meat pie freak.
Nothing, in my book, is as satisfying as a good pie.
It doesn’t have to be big, in fact hand size is best. Eaten to enjoy within five minutes, it is surely the nicest tradition we Aussies cherish.
Now an Aussie icon seems on the brink of collapse, and I am angry.

I find Four&Twenty pies pretty nice.
True, you can pay more for Herbert Adams, but for a decent all-round snack, Four&Twenty hit the button. So I recently upgraded to their higher-end quality - and was shocked/alarmed to discover absolute crap.

Coles at Lane Cove had four-packs marked down from ten dollars to six, so I went for it. YECCCH !!!
The quality was so poor - gristle and gravy - that I am wondering whether the price cut was to get them out fast rather than reward smart meat pie buyers. Honestly, after years ( I am now 85) of enjoying good pies, this experience was like discovering Santa was a fake.

The batch number is 24 03 PBF12 15:19, expiring 23/sep/22. BEWARE !!!


I’m not a meat pie afficionado but I have found the pies to be of questionable quality of late, too. Even Herbert Adams pies are just as crap. Even 6 months ago they were worth the premium. Now, they are not. Gravy, gristle and if you aare lucky a couple of chunks of meat, otherwise its vaguely mincey. UGH.


As you shop at Coles, look for Garlo’s pies in the refrigerated aisles, usually in the same aisle as the butter and margarine.

They are great and their sausage rolls are even better.

They are the only ones we buy now.



@PeteFin Definitely agree! Garlo’s Pies, although slightly more expensive that their manufactured counterparts, are of much higher quality and actually have some real meat (instead of just “gristle and gravy”…)