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Remember the Clipper Chip? Protecting our right to Encrypt
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I didn’t know we had a “Crypto Party”.

How can we protect our digital rights?

I know you’ve been following the passage of the Assistance and Access #AAbill closely and, like me, are pretty concerned about the horrifying lack of scrutiny this bill received and the potential impacts it could have for the online privacy, security and safety of every Australian. Not to mention the devastating consequences it could have for the long-term prosperity of the Australian tech sector!

Encryption is a fundamental principle and we know that since this bill passed in December, there have already been hundreds of requests for “assistance and access” to encrypted messages. We’re sure that they will be fought, but ultimately there will be a point – if we’re not already there – when backdoors are created into existing technology that all of use, every day.

I’m hosting a digital rights online forum on Zoom to discuss next steps in this space and I’d love for you to take part!

Wednesday the 6th of March @ 5:30 pm AWST (8:30 pm AEST)

Joining me on the discussion panel will be former Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam, Crypto Party founder Asher Wolf. The call will be MC’d by Digital Rights Watch chair Tim Singleton-Norton.

If you’d like more information before signing up, please email


March 6th, 2019 5:30 PM through 6:30 PM



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