Food - selling close to expiry

Is there any requirement compelling retailers to sell foodstuffs close to the date of manufacture rather than close to its expiry date?
I ask because today I found my favourite butter, Westgold from NZ, see

that to me tastes better than the local product and as delicious as the Euro imports that sell at much higher prices, with a manufactured date of 15/12/21 and expiry of 15/12/22.

I asked a staff member if this batch was recently discovered in some dark corner of the stockroom and wheeled out to the shelf long after it should have been? The staff member was unsure. I asked if there was another batch of the butter, with a more recent manufactured date in the stockroom and was told “no”.

In the end I did not buy the butter, but will do so if and when I find a more recently manufactured version in another Woolworths (as I have not seen this product selling in ALDI or Coles).

If it helps Romeo supermarkets sell that brand of butter in SA.

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