Food Recalls - Fresh Fodder Peppered Taramosalata

Starting a thread that I hope to build on.

Food Authority posted this today.

Fresh Fodder is recalling Fresh Fodder Peppered Taramosalata 200g Best Before 03092018 from IGAs, Harris Farm Markets, David Jones Foodhall, Deli’s, independent grocers & seafood shops in NSW, ACT, QLD & VIC. Undeclared allergens (seafood & soy)


Taramosalata with seafood in it, shocking, shocking I say. But if you can have warnings on a bag of peanuts “may contain nuts” it seems reasonable. I do wonder why it contains soy though, not something you might expect.


Soy flour to add protein and help bind, soy sauce for flavour, saltiness and colour, lecithin derived from soy used as an emulsifier? I guess there could be others as well. Maybe where it is made soy products are also present as in the “may contain traces of eggs, milk, and tree nuts” type.

I get your point that in processed food many ingredients appear in odd roles. I think you are confusing soy with soy sauce though, there is no reason for soy products to have either the colour or salt of soy sauce, brown would not be attractive as the fish row is supposed to be pink, the salt of soy sauce is added.

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Could even contain Soybean Oil as part of the added oil. Sorry as I had never seen this item before so was just musing on why Soy could have been added as many times Soy Sauce is used for multiple reasons including colour in dishes. Even Red Roe is discouraged in what I read were traditional recipes and more beige roe is preferred?? As I have never eaten, seen, or been :slight_smile: introduced to the dish I am not sure if this is even correct. Sounds though like a very nice way of using roe and stale bread and disguising the sometimes very fishy flavour some roes have.

Most people don’t read the recipes. they just taste and buy or just buy.

Purchased mayo makes me sick. I make it at home now as I don’t add gluten nor soy and I’m fine.

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Most of the pink roe is colored.

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I didn’t know that, how do you know?

Saw it on a label a while back… cannot afford the real thing and lump fish is too salty for me.

Black Caviar is usually greyish

Red caviar can be almost white to pink / Orange…

Food dye gives it brilliant color and it’s cheap in comparison to the salmon caviar.

if you can afford then get a tiny jar of beluga sturgeon .

Purchased a small jar of red and food coloring was mentioned.

Ingredients: Lumpfish Roe, Dextrose, Salt, Water, Xanthan Gum, Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Caramel Color, Rice Vinegar, Red #40, Yellow #5, Blue #1. Contains: Fish (Lumpfish)