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Food processors review


Find the best food processors with our latest review (member content). We also provide this handy food processor buying guide if you’d like to know more about what to lookout for and the features on offer with this handy home appliance.

Do you use a food processor? We’d like to hear about the pros and cons of your machine, please share in the comments below.


I am puzzled why the Cuisinart FP-14DCA ELITE which gets a better score than several recommended models is not recommended. It is fairly expensive but some others that cost more and get very similar scores are recommended.


That is puzzling. I’m following up on this now and will let you know the outcome :thumbsup:


An update for you @syncretic. We removed the Recommended status after some reports the product was discontinued and was intended to be removed from the review. However, we then found the product was still available in limited supply online, so it was once again included and the Recommended status should have also been updated. We’re updating the system now to correct the error.