Food packaging that prevents the product from being seen

I would like the cryovaced meat packaging in particular silverside beef packaging - to be left “clear” and not have the maroon/red colouring on the plastic strategically placed so a customer can’t see the condition/quality of the meat inside e.g. full of sinew and fat. I find I need to manhandle & root through all the meat until I find a decent cut-if I’m lucky. Not a good look.


For what it’s worth I have been buying woolies silverside for for the best part of 40 years and have never had a bad piece of siverside from them ever. And I still won’t buy it from any where else. I did buy a piece from Aldi a few months ago but was not that happy with it so back to Woolies.


If we buy prepackaged, sealed meat, we use our fingers to gently check for tough parts which could be tendons, sinew, fat etc which are unlikely to softem with regular cooking. Sometimes these are not visible on the surface of meat product, which is why feeling is important.


I don’t buy meat myself, but I have seen supermarkets package carrots in orange bags, making it difficult to see what they look like, so it’s a similar ploy.