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Food Delivery Driver Stealing Customers' Food


What an absolute disgrace.

If we used this type of service, I would certainly reconsider continuing.



What are the regulations around food delivery drivers and services?

I recollect that the food vans (Pie trucks) that do workers morning teas etc to site need to be food registered, operators licensed, safe food handling trained etc, in some form depending on state. Perhaps also the same for frozen food delivery vans?

Is there a gap in our regulation of these services?


A person I know told me that when his father was operating his roti business in Cairns, that under the health regulations, he had to check the temperature of each delivery of meat which was delivered in a registered refrigerated meat delivery truck, so as to ensure it was not above 4 degrees.

Whilst pie carts and such like do require a Local Government license to operate in Qld, food delivery vehicles such as pizza delivery vehicles are exempt.

But even if they were licensed, it would not prevent this type of behaviour.