Food Dehydrator

I am looking at getting a food dehydrator. The space is limited

Choice did a review long time ago. Has anyone came across any that are good?


There’s the rub! We have tried quite a few small ones, and were disappointed with them all.

The only decent dehydrator we have used, and have owned for more than a decade, is the Excalibur 4900B 9-tray Dehydrator Black. The trays are 38cmx38cm, so not small, but it will dehydrate a huge quantity at once. Usually we set it up, turn it on, and let it run overnight. First thing in the morning we have 9 trays of deliciousness.

It has never faltered an can be set to produce a wide variety of textures with the built in thermostat and timer.

The only down-side for us is the trays are too large to fully fit into the sink for cleaning, so have to be rotated to clean the four edge/sides of the tray.


I use the SS laundry tub for items that will not fit easily in the kitchen sink. It just needs a good wipe over with a suitable cleaner before hand if one is concerned about the relative hygiene needs.


Thank you ! too big! I have no room in the kitchen and planned on hiding it behind the couch when not in use (small apartment)

Plus it’s heavy to lift … I know many of small dehydrators have issues with not doing their job and trays melting.

Hoped for mid priced one, mid size and s/s shelved. Trying to avoid plastic.

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Good luck with your hunt. We found the smaller ones just didn’t work adequately and had to run for inordinate amounts of time to properly dehydrate.

Have you considered using your oven on a low temperature for dehydrating?

Thank you!

It’s the size, the price and of course performance. Not something I wish to replace annually.

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