Fold-down clothesline recommendations

Any recommendation on the brand for single fold down clothesline? Daytek? Hills? or other brands?


We had a 1998 Hills double fold down that was great - until we needed replacement parts when one of the brace piston plastic guides failed. It would have been almost 1/2 the cost of a new clothesline, so we replaced it and realised ‘standard sizes’ changed in 20 years, so new holes were required :frowning: .

We discovered Hills now has a ‘main’ range and a Bunnings-only range and they are different in more than model numbers. The main range has brace pistons while the Bunnings one has locking ratchets. Both have similar warranties and I am very happy with my Bunning version. ‘Hills Home’ have provided excellent customer support for other Hills products we have.

If made in Australia is a concern don’t get confused by ‘Australian owned’ or ‘Australian designed’ as necessarily being ‘Made In Australia’.

For example Hills products are made in China these days.

Daytek states “Daytek Australia is proud to be a third-generation Australian-owned company, producing quality products at both its Australian and off-shore manufacturing facilities.”

The bold is from their web site suggesting a customer should focus on ‘Australia’ instead of also seeing ‘and off-shore manufacturing’ so it is product by product where made.

Austral is more specific, “Austral Clotheslines is proudly 100% Australian made and owned and is now the only clothesline company manufacturing a full range of clotheslines in Australia.”

There are a few other companies.

My selection was based on size, meters of usable clothesline, and spacing of the lines. Too close together and drying takes longer. From my ‘research’ it seemed a much of muchness between the manufacturers; one differentiator are pistons, versus ratchets, versus prop bars to hold them up - convenience matters.


We have a small 800 x 750mm Dandy Line which is used mainly for delicates and we’re very happy with it. They also have the ability to manufacture custom sizes to order.