Fly365 Has Crashed

Fly365 enters administration leaving customers stranded.


“Fly365 had operated for just over four years.” very sad, I liked Fly.


I notice that 9News have neglected to tell people to go to their credit card provider and seek to have the transactions reversed.

Perhaps that is not possible now that they are in liquidation, but the couple mentioned who only booked hours before it went belly up should be able to stop payment by the credit card operator.


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Have you used Fly365? What made them good?

Any opinions on why they folded?


I have booked through Fly365 a few years ago for overseas flights. They are a no frills online travel agent with highly competitive prices.


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Yes, we used Fly365 for our honeymoon trip. Online booking was very easy and the prices were not so high.

I have no clue. Maybe the answer will appear soon.


If anyone is experiencing issues related to the demise of Fly365, please let us know. You may also find some useful info in this article:


An update on Fly365 going belly up.

:" The directors of Fly365 were Mustafa Filizkok, who is based in Dubai, and Queenslander Scott Mayne, who has worked in the travel industry for years.

Mr Mayne was previously the general manager of Bestjet, which collapsed in 2018 owing more than $10 million.

He’s also the co-founder of Jetstream Travel, which still appears to be operational, but has removed any trace of Mr Mayne from its website. Mr Mayne started Fly365 in 2015.

It went into administration at the end of last week. While there’s no suggestion Mr Mayne was responsible for the collapse of Bestjet or Fly365, all attempts we made to contact him failed."

Ok Folks. Move along. Nothing to see here.


He seems to have a good future in politics if he so chooses.


There’s plenty to see there. Scott Mayne was general manager of BestJet, which collapsed owing $10,000,000. He then swiftly moved onto Fly365 and has repeated the same poor outcome, and he is still involved in another travel company. No doubt he thinks he’s pretty clever ripping people and creditors off while he’s hides in the shadows. I appreciate businesses can fail, but it’s not acceptable to no longer answer questions or the phone or to try and put things right for those Customers & creditors affected. There is an expectation that professionals, managers, CEO’s explain themselves. That people are held accountable. As he is unable to face up to the consequences of his poor conduct, it must be bought before him. This individual cannot be left to continue repeating this bad behaviour.

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There’s lots of helpful information on Facebook group Fly365 Support Group.

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Unfortunately the landscape it littered with similar people who operate companies that bankrupt after the assets have been stripped, who then phoenix similar companies and do it again and again.

It is not just this individual. The laws regarding phoenix operations are woefully inadequate and after a century of treating corporate entities like a human person in law, little has changed to hold the responsible parties accountable beyond actions as directors and insolvent trading. The insolvent trading laws might encourage bad behaviour since as soon as enough assets are stripped it is incumbent to go into administration or wind up, to have another go.

Phoenix companies have been mentioned in many topics on the .community, this being just one pointing the fingers at insufficient law.

I doubt there are easy answers in legislation although it seems there should be. The US system has Chapter-11 bankruptcy that does the shareholders, pays suppliers cents on the dollar but allows the business to continue ‘debt free’ (or close enough, with approval of creditors who might otherwise get $0). Yet they too have a problem with phoenix operations.


I appreciate your comments. A change in laws is way overdue and in the meantime, I hope those involved in Fly365’s collapse find a morale compass along the way.