Fly Papers, that don't catch flies

I bought “The Buzz Fly Paper” 8 Pack, made by Brunnings. They are hopeless and a total waste of money.

The box says: “Natural Attractant” and “Attracts & Kills Flies”.
It does neither of these. The flies don’t go anywhere near the strip. I’ve had this hanging for about 2 weeks now and it’s caught nothing.
The ONLY upside is that the sticky paper is white/opaque and not the traditional dark green colour. It’s really just a decoration hanging in the kitchen.


Hi @StefM, welcome to the community.

If you have had flies in the kitchen which were not attracted to the paper, then the product definitely doesn’t work. Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have sufficient grounds to return the product and ask for a full refund. As the product doesn’t work and is not fit for purpose, you would not have bought the fly paper knowing this.

Looking online, the limited number of reviews generally seem to suggest it may be a dud product and not effective against all the insects claimed on the packaging.


I would have thought the combination of “natural attractant” and “low odour” would be a strong giveaway that these things would never work.

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It has a very poor rating on Product Review.

Whilst the product certainly sounds defective, try putting a smear of Vegemite on one to see if will attract the flies and stick to it.

I remember a bakery shop which had them hanging from the ceiling when I was in primary school and they would be totally covered in dead flies.

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We had hanging paper strips in a grey green cardboard container that weighted one end once unravelled. The tape was a translucent looking yellow brown plastic like material. Very tacky and a slight pong to suit. Perhaps the colour and odour and choice of sticky stuff made all the difference, back when we were more immune to (ignorant of) strange chemicals in the home. We usually hung one near a door or window and another next to the light in the kitchen.

Everything stuck to them except the giant green goggle eyed March/horse flies. Not that it’s March yet, they are out and about at present in SE Qld. The old metal hand sprayer was useful for these. Not for the kero like mist they produced, but to hit them with. Plastic fly swats were of little use against so stout an enemy.

These days we use insect screens on the doors and windows. More Zen, less harm.

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It’s Irony 101 right? the fly papers are not sticky fly papers, just plain old paper. well what can I say?