Flex-seal from Global Shop Direct

Has anybody used this sealer? Does it work as advertised? How long does it last when applied? – Could CHOICE test this?

Have you considered going to a hardware store instead? For example, at Bunnings you have a choice of spray on rubber sealants for under half the $45 price being asked.


I had never heard of this type of rubber sealant before! No idea that Bunnings sold it – are you sure they sell it? Will it work as shown on the TV ad? I will ask at Bunnings – but they don’t talk about new stuff like this…

Availability over the counter.

BigW $34.95, also at Clark Rubber.

And perhaps not the only product option, this one at a lower cost closer to the USA listed pricing of Flex Seal spray sealant.

Do they work as expected is a different question?

P.S. added comment.
I prefer to fix leaks properly. Perhaps for some examples it will provide a temporary repair. For other situations, EG gutter leak a more secure option. For any leak due to pressure - YMMV.