Fitbit Charge 5

I have always used Fitbit Fitness trackers and up till now would recommend them. About a week ago my Charge 5 started to ask me to Add Card to wallet. I don’t even use Wallet. Then the battery was flat by the end of the day. The Fitbit is less than 2 years old. Good luck trying to find support. I don’t want to be suspicious of Google but it does beg the question of are they interfering with want was an excellent product. Fitbit was originally recommended by my cardiologist to track heart rate, but now I can no longer endorse the product. I would be interested in other opinions. I don’t need all the bells and whistles- just heart rate, steps, SO2 and sleep.

You might peruse techradar, they have a bunch of fitness trackers they reviewed.


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The request for card details could also be from Fitbit Pay…

I am not familiar with Fitbit, but see if you can turn off notifications for Fitbit pay or Google Pay as it should stop the request. Sudden requests for such information can occur from firmware/operating system/app updates which can change app settings.

This is a common criticism of users of smart/fitness tracker watches. They generally have small batteries in a device which is relatively power hungry compared to the battery capacity. It means battery degradation is relatively rapid and capacity declines after a couple of years (after 500+ charging cycles).

It might be worth searching to see what fitness watches can have their batteries replaced at a reasonable cost with a OEM battery after a few years to prolong the life of the battery.