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Get to know our home economist and test coordinator, Fiona Mair.

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“All you really need is a good chopping board, a good knife, a good quality saucepan … you can do a lot of things with those”

"That’s what Shonky is to me – unnecessary appliances. Oh, and appliances that come with loads of accessories that you’ll probably never use. That annoys me. I hate accessories. "

“My biggest tip when it comes to appliances is to keep it simple, buy things that will help you in the kitchen, and think about how easy they’re going to be to clean and use.”

I give this 9/10, it would get a 10 if Fiona reminded us to have fun in the kitchen. I bet she does but just forgot to say.


I can confirm that plenty of fun is had along the way :slight_smile:


can we have a members’ only version of this article where she names names?? Give us the dirt!! :rofl:


… not sure what looks more threatening, the knife or the whisk, either way I think if I was in the same kitchen I’d keep the island bench between us! fun article :wink: