FGB Bosistos free Book on Eucalyptus Oil

Received free 175 Page from FGB Bositos .Over 200 uses for Eucalyptus oil are covered in book . I believe promo is still on check their web site. Contains a wealth of infomation about Eucalyptus oil , it’s history and production etc . Good pick up for free .Nearly out of stock .I believe will be $5.99 after that .Usually $17.95 from memory

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Thank you for the tip!

Will check it out immediately and try and get hold of a copy! :slight_smile:

@njfking No probs , I hope they still have some for free .

Not that I can see :frowning:

@draughtrider That’s a shame . Maybe in the future they will have books available again . Here’s hoping

On their site they show the book at $5.99


they also have a free Handy Hints guide for download (currently not available due to updating) but they do provide a 1800 number on the page to ask for a hard copy.