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Fear-mongering over hot cross buns





Blood alcohol is dissipated through the lungs and into your breath[1]. Breathalysers test this exhausted alcohol for an accurate reading of blood alcohol level. Certain foods artificially increase readings immediately after consumption. This is why police will wait 15mins after you have had a drink (or eaten certain foods) to ensure residual mouth alcohol has dissipated [2].

You can safely ignore this fear-mongering, and enjoy the next four months of hot cross buns! @Fred123, remember what I said about not believing everything you read and to fact-check before sharing? This community will be a stronger, better place if misinformation isn’t shared so much. Consumers need to know truth to be fully informed. :slight_smile:


I think I’m about due for my Myth-Buster badge soon, what do you reckon @BrendanMays? :stuck_out_tongue:

Encouraging meaningful discussions - what are your thoughts?

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I can vouch that @Fred123 is prolific in the number of topics and replies posted, and there’s a wide range of quality content posted too. In this case, there was a viral video involving a truck driver that started this subject. Personally, I do think the headline was a case of the clickbait technique in action, but the article itself contains the facts about food giving a false reading, which @njfking was kind enough to highlight here too (badge is on the way :wink: ) .

It’s a good thing for us to have this discussion, I know I have a tendency to scoff a hot cross bun on my travels and and now I’ll be thoroughly prepared :rofl: