Fastcharge pro to speed up older phones?

Fastcharge pro is charging technology to reverse the negative effects of “Software Updates” used to purposely slow down older phones so you buy a new one. Any good?


If you are referring to the app, I see several reviews state that their phone anti-malware software has flagged it as dangerous. It also seeks way more permission than such an app needs, so I would avoid like the plague. Finally, an app developer that sees the need to use the name “Best App - Top Droid Team” is not one that I would consider particularly trustworthy.

Additionally, the suggestion that phones have been deliberately slowed to encourage users to upgrade has only ever been made once - in relation to a single phone maker that subsequently changed its policy.


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Having read about the App what I understand it to do is it shuts down what it considers unnecessary apps etc on the phone to speed up recharging when the charging cord is inserted and increases the time you get out of a battery while the App is active. It achieves this by stopping a variety of other Apps and services (background ones included in this) from running including Bluetooth, Wifi when it is charging and by reducing the screen brightness. Screen Brightness obviously is a big drain on batteries so reducing this does extend battery time available to a user. This must be weighed against how dim the screen is when using it and this may not suit every user. It makes no claims about Software Update changes and negative effects of them, from what I have read.

What, if anything, it sends back as data to the developer I have no idea about. There isn’t a lot of information beyond the reviews on the Google Play Store about it.