Fanaway problems - is it just me?

We installed four ‘Fanaway Evo1 ceiling fans with clear retractable blades and LED light’ nearly two years ago. These cost nearly $500 each but I loved the concept and look and expected a quality product. The light consists of an array of small LED lights which apparently require an electrician to replace (something we were not told when considering the purchase) but because they apparently last nearly forever, should not be a problem.

Sadly, we have now made three warranty claims due to the lights failing, two of the claims on the same unit.

The retailer Beacon has replaced what they termed a driver twice but then had to come back and replace the whole light unit on one when it failed again. The warranty is up next month and I am fearful these products may be ‘lemons’ destined to cause us continued pain. Has anyone else had problems with this fan/light appliance?


Never had one, but collect all the literature you can find about claims of quality and once the written warranty is up use it to underpin claims using Australian Consumer Law if you feel that has been breached.

With the number of failures you have experienced you might ask for a refund or exchange now as you believe the units are obviously not acceptable quality, with evidence.


The non replaceable LED light is an interesting consumer point. We were looking at replacement fan light units and spoke with two retailers. Beacon and WOW.

Both had similar products all with built in or fixed LED arrays. They both maintained as LED’s have very long lives (10,000 to 20,000hrs) that would never be a problem. Still to decide, although we were looking at the cheap end of the market. The expensive $1,000 fans also seem to be of the fixed LED design. Wonder how you go if one of these fails after 18 months?

We were only made aware of the inability to change the LED our selves when we noted the odd design and asked re replacement bulbs. That was after the big sell on you will never need to change the bulb!

Obviously not so straight forward by the cautionary tail prior.


While the manufacturer’s warranty may be up in a month, you will be still covered by

One could reasonably expect that a quality ceiling fan will give many years of trouble free operation, along with LED light banks which should have a life far greater than conventional incandescent or CFL lighting.

If the product fails again, it possibly will be classes as a major defect under the Australian Consumer Law, and you have a right to ask for your money back. I possibly would be writing to Beacon lighting highlighting/summarising the ongoing problems you are having with the fans and also state that should they have another fault in future, you will be exercising your rights under the Australian Consumer Law and will be requesting a full refund. This will put them on notice should another fault eventuate.


The good news is that after the 3 warranty claims on 2 of our 4 units, 6 months later we have had no more problems (touch wood). The warranties have now expired but I haven’t had to test the law about making a claim after warranty expiry (yet). It does seem there is a serious quality control failure with the manufacturer of these fans; disappointing considering their high cost. There is also the issue of future light replacement being a major cost which the retailer is failing to bring to attention. A pity because the design of this fan is great and it does a good job - as long as it keeps working.