Fake (or at least dodgy) Foods

With reference also to the ongoing thread about Australian honey, it seems our’ lightly lightly we can trust business’ is another legend in many cases. A number of references to Choice’s good work are included in this report. If nothing, this is a good summary.


Interesting to see that the Choice reports’ top 5 olive oils were all Australian.

We only buy Cobram and Red Island 3 or 4 litre tins which we use to refill our 750 ml Cobram bottle.

I refused to buy any more imported olive oil after the previous scandal some years ago, and who needs to when the Australian products are both the best and price competitive.


As we have come to realise recently, self regulation does not work in any industry, in religion, in politics, or really anywhere. Self interest almost always trumps responsibility, care, or safety.

Perhaps it was time politicians and Government started to accept responsibility for looking after the people they are elected to represent.