Fake Loan Sites

I have found many online loan pages that are obvious scams… I am not sure of these two:
Credit form Claiming to be Revolut in Lithuania but the web addy is .uk and the link came from a gmail. They ask for money upfront which I know for sure is NOT legal in the UK. I’d appreciate guidance on this one.
This one too: https://ltseurocredit.com/ it all looks legit and emails come from the same domain but… they want money upfront. This could be, not sure, legal, in some EU nations. Anyone with any experience of them I’d appreciate the feedback.


Hi @Fatso, welcome to the community and drawing the community members to another method used by scammers to steal money or personal details from victims.

The information form on the ‘Revokut’ is concerning as some of the information could be used for identify theft.

If one is seeking credit/loan services in Australia, it is critical they are registered by the regulator (APRA), and bound by Australian law. Those which are registered can be found here:



It seems odd that they share images of their staff Contact Us-LTS EURO CREDIT & LOAN with a Japanese dating site 婚活パーティーで男性が頭に入れておくべき7つのコツ - まりおねっと

And with more than 10 years experience (they say) it is odd their domain was only registered in October last year. A search for “LTS Euro” gives very few hits most of which are irrelevant. This also seems odd if they have been around that long.

The street of the address of Lts Euro Credit, Boulevard Beaucerf, 62200, FRANCE does exist but no street number is given. There are a handful of properties in the street but it looks like a low-rent semi industrial area on google Earth. Financial companies might have premises in such an area but why would they not say what number it is?

I would not be giving them any money unless I got clear confirmation they are legitimate.

This domain was registered in January this year. They give no contact details aside from claiming to be backed by a bank which may or may not be true. Some of their images are from Getty Images, this could be a genuine use of paid images for advertising purposes or not. At least one image (the two women at a table) is of the same people in the same setting as one used by Ocean finance. The company doesn’t seem to exist on the internet outside their own site.

I would be worried that this lot provide so little data that can be searched or verified.

In both cases before parting with money I would be putting it on them to show that they are real by membership of financial or professional institutions, government registration etc. Ask who is their CEO and what organisations he/she belongs to. Any genuine lender should be happy to give such references.


Thanks both. LTS appears to be a scam - they sent a text from Nauru!