Fake device offer

A person with an overseas call center voice phoned on my landline, the phone showed a long number starting with 13 but I didn’t write it down. The woman asked if we wanted our registration on the Do Not Call register extended. The implication was she was from the DNCR. I was very doubtful about this but said yes.

They went on to quote my phone number, name and address which I was vague about. As they had the details (apparently from the phone book) there wan’t much point in denying it. They then offered to send me a special device that would block all unwanted phone calls. I said nothing much and let them talk. They then said the device would be $150 and asked if that was alright. I said no. She then called me an idiot. I returned the complement somewhat stronger and hung up.

I haven’t seen this particular scam before. I am pretty sure the DNC doesn’t phone to extend your registration and that there is no useful device that would block all unwanted calls. They are creative!


Thanks for the warning @syncretic :+1:


If they did send a device…which is highly unlikely once they have your money, wonder if it is a phone hyjacking device?

May be worth reporting this one to Scamwatch so others also know about it.


I have reported it to scamwatch. I agree once they had the money they would vanish.


I had a phone call a year or so back from a man identifying himself as being from “Customer Service” (no company name offered). When I asked where he was from and he was still non committal I said we were on the DNCR and then he came up with well that is where he was from! And our registration had expired and he could extend it for a fee of I think it was $75. My response can’t be printed in a family friendly forum. Scamwatch said they were aware of this scam too.

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