Fabulous customer assistance from Ego (and a FABULOUS mower)!

I bought an Ego mower (56V Battery powered) and within two uses the charger died. I contacted Ego customer service, received an email reply within a few minutes with instructions to send battery and charger, with postage paid, to their service people. In less than a week I had the battery returned with a replacement charger. When I emailed the customer service person who had originally contacted me to thank him for their service I received a very humble thank you note in return.

Not only is the customer service exemplary and personable, but the mower itself is brilliant. I wish I had purchased an Ego mower before I bought another, inferior, e.ectric mower


Nice one @nsalan, thanks for sharing your experience.

Here’s a lawnmower buying guide from CHOICE for anyone interested.

@nsalan I agree with everything you say about their service & mower. I have had my Ego mower for 14 months. After 2 weeks use a lever underneath dropped because of no circlip. I contacted them & had the circlip within a couple of days in the post which is extremely good as I am in regional QLD. Their communication was good too.

Since then I have had no trouble with it. It bogs down a bit in long grass but as long as I take it easy, it cuts it well. Terrific mower. And I don’t have to worry about spark plugs, petrol, filters or oil changes.

I see that overall EGO got a reasonable reliability rating in the reliability report today (19-08-2021).

Not sure how EGO got such a good rating.

My 19" mower - stopped after 14 months. Fortunately, battery was replaced under warranty - but it left me with a feeling that it won’t last 20 years like my last 3 mowers - I was hoping it would do me out, but that seems unlikely now.

As an aside - when mine was out of action, I used my old one which still worked after being unused for over a year. Glad I hadn’t tossed it.

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Thanks for giving an update.

Choice gathers information from member surveys, and reliability is a reflection of the brand rather than an individual product.

That isn’t a good life for a mower and agree it should last a long time (hopefully as long, if not longer than conventional mowers which if it is a good quality one and looked after, decades of pounding up and down the lawn).

Your mower would sit in the percentage of being unreliable (broadly can be assumed as 100% less than Choice reported reliability percentage). Like any products, none are 100% reliable. Possibly products than do come close are some medical devices and jet airlihers (but history shows, even products in these categories have well publicised failures).

Ego is supposed to have multi year manufacturer’s warranties, so I hope you got a satisfactory resolution from Ego after 14 months of use.

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Yes, a new battery came for it - but it’s my 4th new mower - the others all lasted about 20 years, and never had a warranty claim on one. My old 20+yr old Petrol mower is still in the shed - and started easily when the EGO broke. I might keep it as a spare!!!

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And after looking at a number of battery models, most are mostly plastic including the blade shroud which takes all the impact when mowing. If one had a perfectly manicured lawn and grass clipping were the only thing cut, then plastic might be somewhat durable. Add in leaves, sticks or other hard objects (seed pods, stones etc), plastic will be less durable. Add in hard lawn edges, tree trunks…and the durability of the plastic is questionable. It will also leave microplastics as it is used from hard objects hidding the shroud.

Maybe the plastic is to create markets for replacements (parts or whole mowers) after a few years, since a good quality electric motor should outlast a petrol one. It could also be to make them cheaply.

More a mixed bag depending on what your lawn is really like.

The Victa battery electric has a lithium rechargeable battery and pressed metal deck.

The Toro battery electric also has a steel deck and lithium rechargeable battery. 3 different capacities.

The Bunnings Ryobi appears to have a polymer deck. It has a lower power lithium battery and 10cm narrower cutting width.

Ego have a variety of models with either a poly or steel deck.

In the Feb 2021 Choice review there is a good cross section to consider.

Any of the heavier duty models would have been fine for our previous family home. Reasonably well kept on a 1,200+ sqm block, cooch lawn of around 500sqm to mow.