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Extreme tests - what would you like to see?


It’s not just in Tassie that weather stations don’t stand up to the weather. I made the same suggestion 16 Feb.

POSTSCRIPT: after 3 years our expensive weather station was thrown out as it had completely failed. The solar panel had disintegrated, the stainless steel screws were corroded, and the electrical wires were breaking. The plastic components were brittle and breaking apart. Only one component worked, and that was the wind vane, but the information was not being passed on to the indoor station, so it was in effect useless too. JUNK!


I’m pretty sure that type of “Extreme Testing” of our politicians would be frowned upon by the legal profession. Tempting suggestion though it is lol. Perhaps an extreme enough test would be a polygraph in which they had to answer 5 questions honestly to pass.


Wouldn’t work. To become a senior politician you pretty much have to be a sociopath/psychopath, and polygraph tests are useless on such people.

(Note: polygraph tests are based upon a bunch of unscientific bunkum, and nothing in this answer is intended to give the concept authority undeserved by it.)