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Extras Health Insurance for Major Dental Work

I am looking to get extras health insurance and want good coverage for major dental work, however looking at the funds available, their rebates for this type of work are minimal - maximum of $1,500 per annum, with a 12 month wait. It doesn’t appear to be financially prudent, has anyone got any tips or recommendations for a good insurance company that would make financial-sense please? Thanks. Regards Helen

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I doubt you will get much that will please you. There are two problems that will get in your way.

One is that dental health isn’t covered effectively by the public health and public health insurance system. There is no community rating of public purse subsidy and these are the main things that make general public health insurance (Medicare) affordable.

Secondly it is very possible to have a large pre-existing condition of poor dental health. A mouth full of bad teeth will cost many thousands to fix. Without very strict limits on what you get the insurer could be up for bills way in excess of your contributions and so lose a lot of money. I am not saying this is good but with dental insurance being much more user-pays than general insurance that is the reality.