Extended car warranty

has anyone had any experience with the Titanium Warranty from Presidian? It is an extended car warranty sold by the dealer for a second hand car I am buying. Is it worth it?
I’ll appreciate your comments

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First you may be well served by searching this forum for ‘extended warranties’ although none of the existing topics reflects an answer to your question, per se, but:

Choice has published two related articles.

And the issue about reading the explicit T&C is Very Important as discussed in this topic

While general statements may or may not apply to the product you have been offered, extended warranties often have onerous requirements such as always servicing the vehicle with a particular dealer or shop or not being a day late.

Other discoveries buyers have made over the decades is that an extended warranty often does not cover the ramifications of a failure, only a listed failure. In an extreme example if the warranty explicitly covers the camshaft it might not cover all the parts that a failed camshaft will destroy.

Tread carefully because extended warranties are included in what are called ‘deal packs’ - eg the dealer packs their profits with them.

Would you confirm this is the product you have been offered?