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Excessive Packaging - Fool's Gold

Christmas present… Received a largish (450g ) box of Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate DUO SHARE TRAY.

OK, the box got tipped around (trying to guess the present before unwrapping) so the contents commingled. That’s fine.

The next picture is what I saw on opening the box. Please note: that it is still sealed in the cellophane wrap.

All the contents are on one side, and that ½ is not overly full. None of the contents are sitting higher than the lip of the plastic tray.

Clearly deceptive and excessive packaging. Cadbury could reduce the box size by half and do the environment and consumers a favour.

Any more examples of commercial products with excessive &/or deceptive packaging??


200gms of specialty tea. Lots of ginger and spice which certainly evokes memories of a northern Christmas and snow bound winters.

Assume quality tea needs room to breath on the long overseas journey from London and some settlement is possible.

The actual tea is a coarse long leaf product, compared to the finely chopped and oft dusty more commercial products in the local supermarkets.


I suggest you also share these photos with Cadbury (with a ‘subtle’ mention of Choice/ Choice Community & Shonkys).


one massive truck roars into our narrow drive delivers a packet size of a chocolate box ,then spends half an hour trying to reverse out,parcel contained object size of a pen
Chinese are sending containers of Greta Thornburg plastic materials such as toys and pens to Europe

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Opened ours and were as depicted on the box.

Glad you got your money’s worth @mountvista.

Were the contents up to the lip of the packaging as in the box’s photo?


The large hazelnut side was full and the fruit and nut side I don’t think came up to the brim but was still pretty full. I opened a second box tonight to check it out but the contents had all spilled over and were mixed up. The cellophane cover goes straight over the top of both containers so didn’t prevent mixing.

They taste nice.