Equifax 'Fraud Protection' service and other Equifax issues

CHOICE is looking into issues regarding Australia’s biggest consumer credit reporting bureau, Equifax. Have you or someone you know been paying for Equifax’s ‘Fraud Protection’ service? We’ve heard reports that some customers are paying without receiving any extra protection. Have you had other issues with Equifax regarding security or the accuracy of your credit report?


For clarity and unless there is something of which I am unaware, such services do not provide ‘extra protection’, they provide advisory reports of various events posted on one’s credit history.

I do not subscribe but this is the current Equifax product. A stand-alone predecessor (that was a subpart of this product ) is documented as no longer being offered separately.


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Problems with accuracy, problems try to make corrections. Problems with data phishing posing as employment checks for Commonwealth Government Agencies, why would they want your credit info for employment!? If you don’t comply, you do not pass the Cth pre employment checks.

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Equifax seems to be in a situation similar to the ethical issues raised by the Royal Commission into Banking (re: selling own Wealth products to bank customers etc).

In Equifax’s case, Equifax Australia provide a security check of certain employees as a service to large corporations on a consulting basis. It seems it is not widely realised that in the case of providing that service to NBN in the early days, NBN employee information was possibly not properly secured or possibly stolen from within Equifax. I for one have spent 4 years assisting a former employee of NBN with issues arising from the supply of such personal ID information to Equifax - a direct result of which was the suspected leaking of or theft of that information, from within Equifax.

It is also very difficult organisation to contact - only by submission and reply. They have done their utmost to remove human contact from outside the organisation.

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