Epsom printer - ink pad at end of life

My Epsom NX430 printer has an “ink pad at end of service life” message and will no longer work. A service is going to cost up to $160 plus the cost of the parts which could be up to $250. Clearly a new printer is a better option.
Google has suggested My Printer Club - their website offers the ability to download (free) a utility to reset the ink pad counter and a download for a code to activate for $15.
Seems to goo to be true? Has anyone heard of My Printer Club and tried to use this method?
Any advice or feedback would be welcome.


I guess it will much cheaper at $15 to find out if what they claim to be able to do with the reset utility gets your printer back in action than paying for a service, or buying a new printer.

What have you got to loose except the price of a couple of cups of coffee?

Myprinter.club seems legit but as always very carefully check what you may be doing when dealing with payment on overseas Web sites.


There are others who claim to be able to do the job, some for free. If you download any software make sure your virus checker is up to date and passes the download before you run it. Free utilities do have malware sometimes.


It might he worth changing the ink pad, because if it full, ink might start leaking from the printer. This might be costly if furnishings are damaged.

It is likely the pad full indicator is based on number or print jobs/cleans rather than the volume of actual ink in the pad…but, over time using the same pad might result in overflow from the pad when it is full.

This website has some hacks for replacing pads…

Whether they work or are suitable is unknown.


Thanks for responding and yes I agree, $15 cheap if it works event free! I’m a bit of a luddite hence the query to this forum.


Thanks yes I saw that plus I’ve watched all the You Tube videos on replacing or washing the ink pads but don’t really want to go down that path if I can avoid. The reset counter options looks the simplest for this luddite but looking at the recent Choice printer reviews I think I’ll switch to an eco friendly option.