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Energy switching options - Bill Hero for CHOICE introduction

Hi all,

For those of you that recall Transformer, we identified another similarly structured business called Bill Hero for CHOICE.

We liked the Transformer service and regret not being able to continue with it, but it did inspire Bill Hero to start up and start asking us questions.

Bill Hero for CHOICE was started out of Grouply, an energy affiliate site. We much prefer their Bill Hero for CHOICE function which has been spun into its own business.

It costs $99 upfront, they check your latest uploaded bill, and then switch you if they can get $100 or over in savings for you. It’s a subscription basis, so that’s $99 recurring each year.

They check each bill you receive to see if they can switch you again, based on a threshhold you choose.

The difference between Transformer and Bill Hero for CHOICE is there is much more automation, and they put a hold on your credit card upfront, and release it if they cannot find the $ required.

We’ve also developed the launch page from our site so that it essentially splits into two - pay someone to switch you, or DIY (with all the links therein). The CHOICE version launched in late January 2020. We do get money for people who convert off this service.

Feel free to comment back on what you think of it’s layout.


How long does a subscription last?

I’ll take a wild guess at 1 year :wink:

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