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Energy bill comparison sites


Yes! Way overpriced with a subsidy that doesn’t or barely covers the extra pricing they have applied.

You are always using the electrons from your own PV system first before export, it is the billing that is the issue.
You really should have decent monitoring so that you can see exactly what going on.


I read an article this morning on regarding Qld consumers saving on electricity prices.
I then attempted to use the comparison website linked to the article.
After entering the details for the standard tariff for 4 bills with the dates shown on each, it then wanted the off-peak tariff usage so I got the bills out again.
It then claimed that there was a 3 day overlap. I altered the dates till I finally had all green ticks only to get a message that there was a 2 day overlap.
After wasting 30 minutes, I then gave up in disgust and deleted the page.
Only governments could create such stupidity.


Thanks for sharing your experience with the site @Fred123 . Switching energy providers can be a real hassle, it’s one of the reasons we’ve started this service:


Caught out, and the ‘massive’ fine is sure to get their attention. Sure it is. :roll_eyes: :

One Big Switch, the home loans, energy and insurance comparison service with links to News Corp and Channel Seven, has been fined $25,200 for allegedly misleading consumers.


FWIW re my post of 4 July.

Confirming I just received a bank cheque for $50! There is still time for those Victorians not having claimed their ‘special tax refund’ to visit the site.