End to End encrypted webmail services discussed

An article link in which various e2e webmail services are discussed , giving their pros and cons .


At the end of the day, email is almost never secure, and the measures need to make it secure make the excercise pointless. Someone needs to re-invent email protocol with security central. and even then it would be very hard to move the world to it.

This is summarised well in the article itself:

Privacy Email Conclusion
When it comes to privacy, email is fundamentally broken. To keep online conversations as private as possible you should use an app such as Signal instead. Email remains very useful, however, and it is not practical to transition away from it completely.

PGP is very good, but it is hard to use well. And let’s face it, most of your friends and colleagues will not join you in using it, which makes the entire exercise rather pointless for most of us.

All the webmail services listed in this article will do a much better job at protecting your privacy than Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and suchlike. If used properly, e2e encryption will also prevent your emails being read even when you send them to users of those services.

Just always bear in mind the limitations of such services. They are unlikely to protect you against a targeted attack by a powerful and determined enough adversary…


CHOICE had a look at some secure messaging apps (in particular, those that destroy the messages after they are received so not Signal). An interesting one also mentioned in the above article is ‘Mailvelope’, which uses PGP. However, I haven’t used it. I agree that the app based services are a lot easier to use (and for organising with others).


A paid email service that you might like to look at that provides e2e service that may be useful is found here: