Emma Sleep cant deliver

I have ordered bed frames along with mattresses from Emma sleep. The mattresses arrived within a reasonable time frame but 2 months later i am still waiting for the bed frames. After many chats and phone calls i was told that the delivery was to be made on the 23rd of November…still nothing.
Another long phone call just to be told that they are out of stock and i have to wait until week 48 then another 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.
this will put the beds here for my children after the new year
(if they turn up at all).
they give you a 100 day or night sleep guarantee, by the time the complete beds get here that will be over with.
These company’s are not up front with what stock they have but still take your money…beware


Hi @Bigpanda42, welcome to the community.

What a terrible situation you find yourself in. You have a number of options:

  1. Wait patiently and hope Emma meets its next delivery commitment.
  2. Request a (partial) refund under the Australian Consumer Law for the bed frames and repurchase another elsewhere. You will be entitled to a refund as Emma has been unable to provide the bed frames in a reasonable time.
  3. Ask for a full refund and ask them to collect the delivered mattress. Like dot point 2, this should be possible under the ACL for the same reasons.

If you take option 1 or 2, make sure Emma redates their 100 day guarantee to the date that the bed frames arrive/date of partial refund. It should be the date of partial refund as one could argue this is the earliest date one could be reasonably expected to buy another bed frame and use the mattress.

If you chose 2 or 3, it may inconvenience you as you need to shop again for the item(s) and require you to wait until a different bed frame is delivered by another supplier. I would be asking for refund of any delivery charges so you aren’t out of pocket for alternative supplier delivery costs. If you buy elsewhere, make sure that the item(s) are in stock and on their inventory before committing to purchasing. Otherwise you may be waiting some time again for order to be filled.


On the basis of a recent Choice review of mattresses, I have been interested in the purchase of an Emma Diamond Hybrid King-size bed.

Product Review indicates, where quoted, that the average price paid in December 2022 was $1600.

The phone number for Emma has been disconnected.

A general enquiry form was completed on 20 Jan 2023 expressing interest in the purchase of a mattress, noting the Product Review purchase price (as opposed to their listed “sale” price of $2016.95) and providing my phone number.

After no response I today completed their “chat” facility. No response after more than two hours.

My desire to purchase from this company is quickly waning.

I note the following comment has been added by Choice to their review of this company’s mattress. “We’ve received some member feedback around poor delivery times and their subsequent communications with Emma. We’re speaking to Emma about this and watching the situation.”

How does one contact this company?

Have you used the details on their web site?

  • email: support@emma-sleep.com.au
  • Tel.: 02 7202 0780 ← edited from their international format number as presented on their web site.
  • Mondays to Fridays 09:00 - 18:00 AEST

The presentation of their contacts (eg +612 in lieu of 02 for a NSW number) as well as AEST suggests the call centre might not be onshore. Or might be?

Note that they have been closed since the 20th (Fri at 18:00 AEST) until today. FWIW responses from web forms on many companies often take 5-7 business days.

Ring the number above and have a chat, or is that the one that was disconnected?


As advised, the number is disconnected.

I wonder whether the fact that in it’s review Choice indicated it secured a price of $674 from Emma in lieu of the listed price of $1299 has anything to with an possible dis-inclination for Emma to communicate with potential customers?

I just rang that number and a message system with a very electronic sounding voice welcomed me to emma sleep and advised an agent would soon take my call. eg it is not disconnected, at least not today.

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And I just rang the number and got the disconnection message. Reading from my phone, the number dialled was 02 7207 0780, AND I now realise I have been incorrectly dialling the number. Sorry, sorry.

Does sound like a call centre, very hard to understand. Ended up being disconnected, accidentally I’m assuming.

Thanks for chasing this up.