Emilia freestanding oven DI865MV14 - Oven cut out regularly

We got this oven 4 years ago, had issue intermittent with the oven with the Gas cutting out now it won’t stay alight at all, cuts out straight away, is it worth fixing or just replacing it with a 80CM alternative/

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Aside from the problem described have you been satisfied with the performance of the product?

The problem with the oven cutting out most likely relates to the flame detector safety circuit. It’s a common repair for older gas ovens. At 4 years of age your freestanding oven and cooktop should be like new.

It’s a job for a licensed repair technician. Most will turn it into a two trip call-out. The most commonly replaced part is under $100 online. The oven may need to be pulled away from the wall for access. There are some other uncommon causes, able to be readily rectified by a competent repair technician.


Do you have any other gas appliances? Are they behaving correctly?

If the oven is the only one then there is the possibility that it is the gas supply. Either way you need a qualified person to look at the oven and tell you what is going on. It may be repairable, or not, there is no way to know from here.


The hob on top works fine it’s only the oven, plus our gas hot water works well so must be a fault. Thanks


Thanks, might be worth repairing then.


Also check that any vents on the oven (inside and outside ones) aren’t clogged or blocked. The outside ones can become blocked with dust and kitchen emissions…the inside ones also from splatters etc. A gas oven needs air intake to keep the flame going, and it the flame can’t get air, it will extinguish itself when most of the oxygen in the oven is used up.

It the flame extinguishment has been getting progressively worse, it could be a inlet/outlet being slowly blocked up over time.

See if your Emilia manual provides any information on care and maintenance in relation to vents. Also, if you can see the flame, watch it to see if the flame gets smaller and finally extinguishes - rather than turning off suddenly. This may also show sighs of an airflow issue r blockage.