Electromagnetic radiation protection (WiFi and other)

People are worried about EMR safety and there are numerous websites offering EMP protection devices and claiming there is good evidence for efficacy of EMR protection devices for electric /hybrid cars, mobile phones, WIFI earplugs and earphones and home WIFI routers etc.

Please could you complete and publish an impartial, critique of the available evidence and a buying guide - this would be most helpful


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You might best start with an objective source of information about EMF such as

In contrast there are myriad conspiracy-style sites selling fear, paranoia, and sometimes products that vary from useful in particular industrial settings to completely useless for the typical consumer situation.

You might be interested in this topic that reflects some sources of good information as well as questionable. While focusing on a fear of smart meters there are numerous posts about EMF in other settings such as wifi, etc.

As you might imagine there is some emotion in the topic but the evidence from peer reviewed studies and scientifically sound evidence is consistent, with many links throughout that linked topic.


If they stopped the EMR, they’d also stop any wireless devices from working…


If you want to test a device you have to have a clear statement of what it is supposed to do. Choice tests washing machines and the results mean something because we all know what it means to wash clothes and we can reasonably agree on how to measure the effectiveness of devices that claim to do this.

In the case of EMR protection devices it is often unclear what they are supposed to do, how one might measure whether they do it or not and if this might be actually beneficial. If you have some examples that you are interested in please say so and we can have a look and maybe relate them to existing knowledge on the subject.

Here is one test by Choice that you may find interesting. You will see that there is somewhat of a divide between those who feel better for using such a device and those who do not and find no reason why they should. Without doubt the placebo effect is real, the question is will it work for you and is it worth $187 to find out?


Wow. 100% snake oil. Who would have thought.


Not to mention it would get very cold, because the Sun is the biggest source of EMR we have.


Only on April 01.
Although there are some surprising comments for the as tested

If only it came with a toxic violet casing, or red and black warning stripe pattern to fit in with it’s true purpose. :rofl:


You tape a violet crumble bar to the power point, which would work as well and save about $186.


Waste of a good chocolate bar, although the trial could be repeated 186 more times just to be sure! :yum:


I’m so disappointed to see AmazonAU selling this type of rubbish:


It’s a kind of Faraday sock that covers the antennae to prevent EM radiation. Of course, if your router still works, then it’s not blocking EM radiation.

On the bright side, 100% of reviews give it 1 star, with comments saying how ridiculous it is.


If they are using a computer and a screen etc they are surrounded by EM emissions, if they use a mobile device they are in a soup of EMR, if they use a fridge an AC well anything electrical there will be EMR they live with everyday. Then there are the radio waves from broadcasts, the Sun etc that are all around us all the time. Best solution is to enter a Faraday Cage and remain there if they are so worried, of course that means they can never leave the cage.

Oh well differences makes the World go round as the saying goes.


Amazon also sell a variety of EMF protection hats. Otherwise known as tin foil hats.


Yeah but none of those are 5G! YOU HAVE TO STOP ALL THE BILL GATES 5G!!!

(IOW, people think 5GHz = 5G)


Perhaps the consideration is security rather than health. However if the consideration is security then it is better (and cheaper) to disable the wireless network in the software configuration of the router and if you are still worried then also remove the antennae.

If you are worried about security but you still want to use WiFi then you are going to need a bigger sock i.e. one to wrap the entire house in.

If you are worried about health but you still want to use WiFi then it may be possible and practical to dial down the radiated power in the software configuration of the router. That will be cheaper than buying this product.

Who knows whether this product even works??? It either blocks the signals or it doesn’t.


A big Faraday cage…but the house might look like a aviary or futuristic jail.

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A router can just be a router of course. If all the devices connect using cable, then Wifi is not needed. Can you just turn off the Wifi function, and save on the cost of a sock? :wink:

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Or you could have one or more separate Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and turn off WiFi in the router and still use WiFi.

Does this make sense from the perspective of bathing in RF (health) or from the perspective of RF leakage (security)? Maybe, just maybe. Because you can then position the WAPs in just the places you need them and dial down the transmitted power to just what you need. However that is a relatively expensive approach.

If your overriding concern is “health” then honestly you should just not use WiFi. Then there’s no need for dubious shielding products.

Still leaves me wondering:

  • why do people buy these products i.e. what is their motivation?
  • do the products actually achieve anything?

I’m not plunking down any money to find out.


The evidence is they are moderately effective in separating uninformed gullible or just frightened people from their money.


Officially there is no evidence that EMR from wifi is high enough enough to cause concern.

For those on a high natural foods diet, organic produce naturally contains radioactive elements. These can contribute 10% or more of the daily average background radiation dose.

I’d be particularly cautious of eating too many nuts, carrots or bananas based on the following examples.

Beer looks like a better option for those looking for a low radiation energy boost.

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Maybe not but that’s not what I meant by my question. For example, if the motivation is “health” then do the products successfully prevent WiFi RF from reaching the purchaser?

I’m not questioning the purchaser’s beliefs or choices, just whether they are getting what they paid for.

Perhaps they need a human-sized sock.