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Electricty costs

I cant believe the difficulties I have had with my energy provider Energy Australia. I am located in Queensland and was told 1 week ago when I called that there were to be no changes in rates for Queensland Customers. In less then 1 week I received an email stating that my Solar feedin tariff was being reduced.

I complained about this and was simply just run around with saying I need only be given 10 days notice of any changes. My contract has fixed rates to Mid 2020 but apparently this excludes Solar Feedin rates. So in reality I will be paying MORE for electricity.

I have checked other providers and my contract now is Energy Australia is more expensive, well it seems to be. I have asked Energy Australia, as per the new competition laws, to provide their comparison rate and discount provided.

I have been told how to find their Reference Rate but they cant provide the percentage discount of this rate which is need to complete a comparison. This is required under new ACCC documented laws.

There seems to be a lot of errors and mis information being provided with a distinct lack of clear interest.

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