Electricity bills to jump by up to 20% from 1 July

Prices are set to increase to the tune of $400 a year :worried:


These are the charges for my area (SE Qld) that Origin have advised me of:

"Hello Graham.,

Electricity prices are changing – here’s how this affects you

Electricity prices for consumers and businesses are going up on 1 July 2017. We’ve detailed these charges on the next page. So you can see what’s changed - we’ve listed what you pay now compared to the new charges. We’ll also include this information on your first bill after 1 July.

Why are prices increasing now?

The price for the electricity that we buy on your behalf has increased.
The network (the power lines and poles that deliver energy to your home or business) charges are lower this year, and the Queensland government has reduced these even further, but these reductions don’t fully offset the higher electricity generation prices.

This means there is still an increase to the retail price of electricity – which you’ll see on your
electricity bills.

You can still reduce your energy bills

Given the increase, now’s the time to review your overall energy usage. To help you, we’ve pulled together a list of useful energy saving tips and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ which you’ll find on our website at Originenergy.com.au/qldpricechange

Want to chat about the changes?

If you’d like to speak to someone about these changes, or any aspect of your energy supply, give us a call on 13 24 61. We’re here to help from 7 am to 9 pm weekdays, and 9 am to 5 pm Saturdays."


I am always so impressed by “tips to save energy” delivered as sage advice such as “You can still reduce your energy bills”.

Translated into everyday speak it is more like “We are raising prices because we can and because government has abdicated long term energy policy to the whims of private enterprise and their own energy suppliers top profit export dollars. But you can mitigate your personal hit by doing what you have probably been doing for years since privatisation started only harder.”


There is now (as of 5th July) a way around these price rises, sonnenFlat battery where you pay a fixed rate per month that covers all your electricity use up to a certain limit depending on your PV array and battery size. It covers the fixed daily charges as well, and I know that the fixed daily charges around my part of NSW are higher than what is being charged for some of the the sonnenFlat system sizes.

The company I work for (I maintain their community discussion forum, not involved in sales) has some info about it here:

Of course you have to buy the battery, plus PV panels if you don’t have them already, but I don’t know what the cost might be.

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I recently changed from Click Energy. Their prices increased by around 40%.

I had selected Click from a recommendation of the 50Up Club. There are two points I want to share:

  1. When I did some research on their website, I eventually found (it wasn’t easy) their various deals. I had been on a 22% discount but 27% was available. I asked why my supposedly special deal wasn’t so special after all and was immediately put on the higher discount

  2. When I tried to communicate with 50Up Club about the non special deal, the response came from “One big switch”, not 50Up. Seems he club is just a way of getting people to aligned suppliers.

Also, I have been caught in the past changing suppliers. In NSW at least, it seems that if you don’t change 30 days before your next meter read, you may be caught waiting another read before the change takes place. That might be three months and you may not receive any discount for this period as you’re “out of contract”.

Good luck