Electricity Accounts

It may pay people to check their accounts with a fine tooth comb, a couple of months ago I changed to Direct Debit, as I forgot to pay on time earlier in the year (shame on me) anyway, I was looking closely as the latest statement and noticed Origin are charging me “card fee” to do this, after I calmed down I rang to see what was going on, and I was told yes that was correct, if I wanted to give my savings A/C no, it would not cost me anything. I thought no fee would apply to D/D - how wrong I was.


Each company does their own thing regarding fees for direct debits depending if they are from credit/debit cards or direct bank debits. A few are also charging for Bypay payments and at least one for making ANY payment.

It is a case of caveat emptor where they ‘educate’ us to make their situation as favourable as they can, and then charge us for the privilege of moving to a cashless society. Funny that, not!


Hi Diane

Direct debit is still using your credit card, in the same way as if you remembered to do it manually, so it costs Origin. They are permitted to claw that cost back.

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