Electric shaver gift

Hello guys!
I’m thinking about the present for my husband on his birthday. And the most genius present idea is a new electric shaver for his. I want it to be a surprise that’s why I can’t ask him for advice. And that’s why I’m here.
So, I’ve read some reviews already https://www.productreview.com.au/c/men-s-electric-shavers, https://wisepick.org/best-electric-shaver-for-head/ and I see that shavers from Remington have good points.
But which one to choose? I think they are quite similar and differ from each other by some extra functions.
It will be great if someone uses Remington and can name its pros and cons. But I’d also like to hear about other brands.
All thoughts and opinions are appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


If you are a Choice online member, Choice reviewed shavers in later 2018…

I have a 10 year old Phillips Norelco rechargeable shaver which is still going strong. It cuts and works well.


Same - Philips - I use it just for the trimmer mainly and some deforestation outside the beard line, once or twice a year whether I need to or not :wink:

In my experience, not huge, Philips has been the kindest. I had a Remington once that was more the bar format than three rotating blades and I think a viking with a sword would have been gentler !

You definitely get what you pay for in shavers - Philips make el-cheapo models that are ‘ok’ but not great. I think mine was in the 150-200 range … thats probably not a lot of help? but for what its worth …


I’ve had several Remingtons and never again.
Pros - they were cheap.
Cons - ouch, ouch, ouch.

I use a Braun when I travel for convenience. (Otherwise a bladed razor)

The Choice product reviews reflect the preferences of our three not so young sons.


The Choice test is a 2018 update and may not be useful in March 2020 as the products have changed, and there are more to choose from. :frowning:

One of the more obvious differences between brands are the Philips-Norelco have rotary heads while the others have in-line cutting heads. Each has advantages, user specific, and are personal thing, so you might best buy one with the same technology as his current model (rotary or in-line) for a first cut toward selection.

I’ll agree with both.

Mine is 1980’s vintage although it has not gotten much use since I grew a beard :wink:

If he might become bearded, high-end Wahl and Philips beard trimmers have been my best choices over the years. My current is a Wahl. Be prepared to spend $150 upwards for a good beard trimmer. Look for a metal housing, removable cutters, and IME removable attachments rather than an adjustable feature on the unit itself.

As for productreview, careful as many reviews are not for the products they are listed under, and posters there are more likely to whinge than provide accolades although if you filter for commonalities they can be useful. Although the site claims to vet the reviews and I post there occasionally, I am not convinced they do a very thorough job as some reviews seem more than slightly suspicious but reports of same are almost always rejected. An example are reviews of scores of positive posts within days, all by new accounts that never posted before or since. Really?!

Sites like Wisepick can be equally useful but keep in mind their revenue is from people clicking ‘check price’ and ‘buy now’ so may not be as objective as one might hope.

Happy shopping :slight_smile:


I concur with the earlier posts. Never a remington. I had one of the shavers and tossed it as it butchered my face. I also had a Philips rotary head shaver. Also butchered my face.

I have a hand-me-down Braun shaver that is probably over 20 years old. It is only rarely used now, but it still working away happily and is kinder to my face.

Electric shavers (like blade shavers) are really an individual preference item. As was suggested, look at the Choice article for guidance.

If I was in your place I would take husband to a store(s) and get him to select what he feels most comfortable with and likes.


Totally agree with the above comment.
FWIW he’s an adult male, been choosing his own shavers for probably a while, he’d know what features he is looking for, the best outcome would be to let him choose for himself.

if he’s happy with the brand of the one he’s using now, you could get him the next model of that same brand, which has upgraded features.

Do let us know how you go :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Perhaps a gift card and let him decide.

No comeback on you.


It’s my preference to go for Braun. They have the best reputation. I have used two Brauns in the last 15 years. My current shaver is a Braun Series 9 (9240s) which is top-of-the-line wet and dry model, still available at The Shaver Shop. The one advertised is $449, with cleaning/charge station, but I’d avoid the cleaning station if possible, as it increases the price and sentences you to purchasing cleaning cartridges at $20 a pop. Mine is just the shaver and travel case, no cleaning station, which seems a waste of time on a wet and dry shaver. I remove the head and wash it under a running tap. By the way, you can buy replacement heads for $75 a pop - mine is over two years old and I haven’t changed the head yet. The shave is easy, no burns, and it has a trimmer.