Electric Golf buggies and or carts

Does anyone have any information about the best brands and value?

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Hi @Lobo9, welcome to the community.

Are you asking only about ride on personal golf transport 4 wheels and seats EG Club Car and other brands?

Or, are you asking about motorised caddy/buggies/carts. Google says electric carts are powered versions of the pull along bag carrying trolleys? One search, https://www.qodgolf.com.au/ suggests a cart has 2 or 3 wheels and no seating.

The use of cart and buggy appears to be a little loose in it’s use.

It appears you are asking about both options.
Hopefully you can get some good feedback. I’ve only ever hired and noticed that you pay more the greater the bling.

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Sorry Mark, yes that was a bit ambiguous!
I am looking at any info on the electric buggies that I would walk behind and any info on the smaller electric golf carts, preferably one person ones.


So something like this that looks like a mobility scooter with golf bag on the back?



I gather there are versions that are smart enough they just follow you around like a pet dog?

And for the budget conscious there are electric conversion kits that adapt to existing 2 wheeled carts?

I’d looked previously at second hand versions of the 4 wheeled utility style electric carts for around home. Useful for more than golf and cheaper than an ATV and more room than a quad. Appearance and style is everything. I noted plenty of well worn weathered cheapies second hand. Just assume a new set of batteries will be required. Not much of a golfer other than a once a year social.