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For a fairly long time one could edit a new post within a 5 minute window without the edit history and edited flag appearing. Recently this seems to be a no more than a 2 or 3 minute window, the exact time being unknown.

FWIW I am unable to notice all my ‘errors and omissions’ in the split left right editing windows presentation, and only notice them when they go to the ‘full screen posted comment’.

The time window to edit without the edit function in the background might have been a localised setting that got changed during the last Discourse upgrade or done purposefully, but regardless a minimum 5 or even 10 minutes window to fix up a new post without the editing history and flag being added is requested.


I always type my posts in Word and paste them to the website, but even after reading them at least once for typos and grammar errors before pasting them, it is amazing how easy it is to miss some mistakes.


I find the same…when using a tablet (due to screen size and eye sight) …but have no such issues when using a desktop.


I suspected it had tightened somewhat, though never tested the specific timings …

You are mistaken - they don’t appear until you commit the post. I have witnessed this many times after extensive proof reading! The evil happens in the shift from the split screen editing to the normal view - those responsible bank on you not noticing their evil deeds …



see they took out my smiley - QED I say !!


I recently posted a picture that had more information in the file name than I intended, so I sought to replace the file. Unfortunately, over several edits it appeared that the picture had been cached and so even when I changed the name locally and then uploaded it the original file name remained once the comment containing it was posted.

Eventually I deleted and replaced the entire post - and trimmed the file somewhat to make clear to the website that it was different.


I can confirm that the current settings are 300 seconds or five minutes to re-edit your post without the flag/post history displaying. Considering the comments here, I’ve ammended it to 10 minutes to give us a bit extra time when needed.


There are many characters here, all thankful :slight_smile:


Ah ha… that’s because once your thoughts have converted to the digital world, they’re there forever! Muuahahaha!


More true than probably any of us really know.


Unless you yourself actually need them later - sometimes then they seem impossible to find !! :slight_smile:


Put a price tag on them and they will follow you around for life :wink:


FWIW I just posted, and immediately fixed a sentence. This is what Discourse did, including flagging it as edited at 1 minute on.

edit: did another post and another quick edit, and it worked as expected - no edit flag.


Maybe the feature is a bit buggy. Thanks for the report :+1: