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I queried Ebay several times on why I had to return it to China when it was bought and came from Sydney in 4 days. They totally ignored my comments. I have now sought a credit from my credit card and it can now become paypals problem.


I did ask why I had to return it to China, as the contract was made in Sydney and it came from Sydney within 4 days. But they did not address this question at all. I guess most of the people at Ebay/payal most likely have no idea at all about such issues.



I’m not sure what the legality of all this is though, I have complained to ebay about a seller just like your experience.
The Ebay team ‘promise’ to investigate the seller that shipped me an item with Chinese power adapter that refuse a refund because it will work with another plug at my cost of course. The item was shipped from Sydney, but the ‘items location’ was certainly not Sydney.

The seller claims item Location Sydney Australia, the Parcel received ‘like many lately’ was Shenzhen China shipped after my order to an address in Sydney then week after order a prepaid Fast way stick tacked on in Sydney.

The Seller labels all their items as Australian Flag and Proudly Australian etc the nationalistic bogan rubbish.

The Seller is Registered in China with China details and equal store listings in ebay UK US CA EU Spain and AU with nationalistic representation claims in each Jurisdiction.
The ‘faulty’ return I am expected to ship to Shenzhen China