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Ebay bait advertising (apparently perfectly ok)



No, it was a universal power adaptor.


Sorry - my comment was just about the bait/switch pricing that some ticketing companies allegedly use. “We’re all out of the cheap seats, but we could sell you this other seat for double the price paid by the person sitting next to you”.


seems to be getting worse, its absolutely impossible to find the best price of a mid range item

such as a 2 metre cable
1, 2, 5, 10, 20 metre etc all listed together now all the time and the 1m being the only price listed
and the lowest couple often have the 2m for example significantly inflated.

It is certainly baiting and many cases the 1m is a scam, ‘out of stock’ place holder to put them at the top of the results.

I’ll certainly be all over Amazon when arrives.

I blame ebay for this, simply being greedy charging too much for listings, causing the grouping many items in one item to because the preferred method for some sellers


I’m finding the same thing now with pretty much everything I want to buy. I was just looking for a certain tablet computer case, but it is impossible to find a listing for just that model, I had to search through hundreds of listings and keep eliminating the ones where the one I wanted was too expensive. There are lots of listings for just $1.00 or up to a few dollars. Most of the time $1.00 bought you a cleaning cloth that is not mentioned anywhere in the listing except hidden in the drop down menu.


Another form of baiting, and not just on ebay. I reported an individual website to the ACCC for advertising what appeared to be false high RRPs, well above the importers selling price that was actually in line with the USA parent, well above Big W, and so on, and other than the automated response, nada. A surprise?

Caveat Emptor


Strange I pasted the detail into eBay and the item was listed and when I tried to purchase the amount WAS 4.99 180111 Errol