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Dyson Stick vacuum cleaner - Thumbs Up

I have a 4 year old Dyson that was sold with 2 year warranty. I had issues with the rotating brush at the floor head. It would only rotate on hard surfaces not carpet despite being well and truly cleaned. After some useful and friendly problem solving over the phone, it was decided a new head was needed at a cost of $100. However, on consideration Dyson supplied it free of charge including freight. Well done Dyson, thumbs up!


Well done for managing to get a replacement head free of charge from Dyson.

In relation to the manufacturer warranty, in Australia the laws have changed in relation to what they mean. The ACCC website provides information about consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and it is worth reading…

In summary…" Warranties are separate from your automatic consumer guarantees. The consumer guarantees which apply regardless of any warranties suppliers sell or give to you, apply for a reasonable time depending on the nature of the goods or services. This means consumer guarantees may continue to apply after the time period for the warranty has expired."

Basically this means if a reasonable person expect the product to last longer than what the manufacturer warranty states, then there is an inferred warranty (called the customer guarantee) under the ACL which companies supplying the good are required to meet. While these customer guarantees apply, sometimes it can be very difficult to get companies to respect and provide resolution as required by the Australian Consumer Law.

It appears that in this case, Dyson has met its obligations under the ACL which is good to hear as they are a renown, multinational company who should be setting the industry standard in such matters.


Thanks agree. I guess I would have thought 4 years was a short life. But Dyson so so good and needed little persuasion to replace the $100 head.


I agree. Dyson is priced as a premium product (compared to its competitors)…and one would expect premium products to be of high quality and have a long service life.