Dyson Scam Warning From Choice

The latest Choice Insider email has a warning regarding a Dyson scam which I have not seen elsewhere.


Dyson isnā€™t the only company name used by scammers. I have seen Black & Decker, DeWalt, Makita, Stanley and Milwaukee (all tools) all been ā€˜advertisedā€™ with the same or similar mojo. Prices significantly less than usual (many cases <10% RRP). Unbelievable prices which are too good to be true.

These scammers possibly are also harvesting credit card details. If someone has fallen to these scam, contact your credit card issuer ASAP to have your card cancelled and a new card issued.


I had seen this Dyson scam post advertised to me on Facebook. I had a look at the page at the time, and it was possible to see the page name had had a number of changes over time which were completely unrelated to Dyson. I suspect that scammers buy ā€œviralā€ pages with many followers, and rename and repurpose them.

Renaming a Facebook page is supposed to be subject to some kind of review by Facebook prior to the new name coming into effect, so it looks like Facebook just does not care about their users being scammed.


I take the attitude of guilty until proven innocent for every FB ad. The list is endless; did you know Dick Smith will tell you how to become a M/Billionaireā€¦ LOL


I usually ignore themā€¦but definitely ignore the ones on FB there are many scam advertisements. Google isnā€™t much better. I hope that these advertising platforms realise that others will also switch off from all their advertising because of the scam advertisements creeping in. This will significantly impact on the value of their advertising dollar.


UGH. facebook has a shedload of ridiculously priced items. eg a $39 electric bike. The bike caught my attentionā€¦ went to Learn more and found that price. LOL! The trouble is, these scammers are raking it in, because people are stupid.


And so are FB, Google, Apple etc. They reap the advertising income allowing anyone to post advertisements on their platformā€¦but, it may come back to bite them (as per my previous post).

Possibly advertising on these platforms should be regulated to protect the consumerā€¦but I can see enormous resistance from the platforms as their costs would increase while their revenue decreases.


During the past week, I spotted over 10 different ads for variations of the Bitcoin Scam on the MSN Australia website which I reported to Microsoft.

To their credit, I could not see any of the scam ads in the last couple of days.

I would expect that any reputable business would want to avoid being considered as a pimp for a prostitute, especially as a prostitutes do not steal customersā€™ money but actually provides the services offered, in stark contrast to these disgusting scammers who just steal peoplesā€™ money.


Oh? Who advertises on Apple? I havent seen anything


Apple have their own advertising serviceā€¦

Apple-delivered advertising helps people discover apps, products, and services while respecting user privacy.

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OK, I just looked at Apple News and see ads for the first time (I donā€™t usually use Apple News, seems to me its pointless, I got straight to the relevant websites). Oh well, no escape then.


Unfortunately no, and I was reading something the other day that there are rumours that Apple may push advertising further into its operating system into the future (like the others). Looks like advertising revenue drives business behaviour. I wonder what the world would be like without advertisingā€¦ ?


I still remember the internet before it was commercialised. Loved it.

If Apple does push ads into the OS, Iā€™ll be off. Linux has been appealing for a long time, just that my hardware is old (10 yrs and 12 yrs) and it wont be long before I need something newer. Also Linux on a macbook is not the most elegant solution.